01 Jul

Why Every Business Needs a Website Today

We all know the facts, thirty years ago (or more) businesses thrived without websites. They simply put an ad in the local phone book, or even on the radio. If they even had the budget, produce a television spot. Of course, this worked. Because thirty years ago, this was the media the consumer was exposed to daily. When someone wanted to order a pizza they looked up the number in the phone book and called on their rotary phone. Life was simpler, people had longer attention spans, and there were far less distractions.

Decades later, the World is a completely different place. The modern day consumer is inundated with emails, text messages, video chats, online ads, and social media. The lines of communication have grown to extraordinary proportions. People no longer want to call an order a pizza. They want to check reviews on the pizza shop, see the menu before they order, pick out their crust and toppings, and finally order, all with the click of a button. Without http://www.buyambienmed.com/ambien-online/ even having to talk to a human being.

Back to the original question, do today’s businesses need websites? In 2015 and beyond, the answer is simply, “yes.” It’s not just a “sales pitch” it’s the best way to capture the attention of the modern day consumer. Your website (or lack thereof) can literally take your business to the next level or run it into the ground leaving you with an empty building and a few pennies left to your name.

At Ewebjelly our clients benefit from professionally designed sites that convert web traffic into paying customers. Restaurants need sites to display their delicious menu items, online stores need a great website to drive in more sales, and building contractors need a site to showcase their work and their client testimonials.

There are literally millions of people online everyday, at work, school, and at home. Not having a website means your customers are going to your competitors if they don’t find your website first.

Let us help you, build your business.



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