06 Apr

5 trends in 2015

Here are a few web trends you should have on your website. These trends are shaping the way that websites are being developed in 2015.

  1. Responsive design due to digital-first branding. As more and more people are moving to the internet and using mobile devices you will start noticing more people visiting your website on their mobile device.
  2. Video backgrounds and animation. With network speeds increasing and program languages becoming more advanced you will start seeing a lot more http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/sleeping-aids/ video backgrounds and animation in 2015.
  3. More massive brands backgrounds. Google Nexus and Apple brands are going to be the reason why you will see more and more of this trend.
  4. Live chat. Due to more and more people not making physical calls to businesses it is highly recommend that start make the move to live chat on your website.
  5. Google, bing map usage. 3d map displaying in the contact section of web pages.
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